Playstation 3 Disk Reading/Blu-Ray problem and Maxell Blu-Ray Disc Cleaner?

I heard that Maxell Blu-Ray Disc Cleaner cleans the dust in the drive laser Blu-Ray PS3. I intend to buy to fix my PS3 (I'm sure it's the optical drive), but I want to know if it actually works.

When a PS3 is not reading the discs, its usually because one or two of its laser has died or been put out of alignment and must be replaced independently. Dirty / lens dust does not occur often on the PS3 for one thing.

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    babylon ad 2 thumb jpg BLU RAY DISC SELL CLEANER € 24 90

    Cleaner the 9th of June priced at around £15 99 The disc will feature an anamorphic widescreen transfer and Dolby Digital 5 1 audio but no bonus material has been announced Here s the artwork