What is the best HDMI splitter that is cheap to split 2 or 3 devices to run at the same time?

I'm wanting to connect multiple HDMI devices together. My HD satellite receiver, TV, surround sound, and the Xbox 360 if possible. They all need to be connected at the same time at work.

There are so many available that it is almost impossible to compare. The page below on my favorite site has 2196 of them shopping.

If you set the price range of $ 200 to blow, you get 1300, and below $ 100 you get 500.

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    HDMI Splitter 1 3 detail01 jpg HDMI分配機 1 3 HDMI Splitter 1 3 EXT HDMI 143

    HDMI Splitter 1 3 01 jpg へフルデジタル出力することができます マルチディスプレイを必要とするさまざまなシチュエーションでご利用いただけます

    hdmi splitter3 store jpg equalization so as to provide high performance I O of audio and video Each of the buffered outputs can run up to 30 meters and can be cascaded Features