Is there a wireless surround sound system that won't interfere with my Xbox 360 wireless controllers?

I'm looking for a decent life surround sound system (between $ 200 - $ 350) with wireless rear speakers that do not interfere with my wireless 360.

The cause of the problem is very likely that the speakers and the wireless controller using the same wireless range frenquency. I think it is 2.4 GHz.

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    kefs kit 140 59 jpg Nothing says annoying like setting up a speaker system Running and cutting wires and placing speakers is pretty much the opposite of fun but a trial that you have to go through to get a

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    708d49f65f65870 jpg No Comments Panasonic is looking to take the wireless home theater system experience one step further with the upcoming SC ZT1 wireless surround sound system The system uses 2 4GHz RF transmission to