Where to find the xbox 360 hd dvd player add on brand new?

I know that HD DVD is dead, but I want to buy the Xbox 360 HD DVD player brand new, where do I find?
thank you
I want just for this reason, the film is very cheap and still a large selection.


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    xbox 360 hd dvd player jpg hasta 8 5 gigas para almacenar juegos De todas formas Microsoft ha lanazado al mercado un reproductor HD DVD externo que se conecta por USB a la consola y que tiene un precio de 299€ Bueno pues me has convencido voy a vender mi ps2 xbox para comprarme la 360

    Xbox 360 HD DVD Drive 99 ERP The Xbox 360 HD DVD Player comes with the Universal Pictures blockbuster film Peter Jackson s King Kong on HD DVD for a limited time and the Xbox 360 Universal Media Remote Actual retail prices may vary So there we have it a whole host of new gadgets heading our way Now if...

    Image Meijer HD DVD player sales are limited to Microsoft s Xbox 360 HD DVD player Products available offline only